This website contains information and materials related to Aristeia’s case for change at Sina, which continues to be plagued by corporate governance shortcomings and escalating valuation woes that are hindering share price potential and preventing the Company from capitalizing on the sizable opportunities in front of it.

Aristeia – a major long-term shareholder in Sina – has spent substantial time and effort over the past two-and-a-half years analyzing the Company’s corporate governance, balance sheet, operations, strategy and competitive landscape. We believe that systemic governance shortcomings have not only compounded the massive valuation discount that exists in Sina’s share price, but they have also prevented the Company from adequately evaluating all possible paths to eliminating or reducing this widening gap. It is our view that these linked issues must be addressed urgently for the benefit of all shareholders.

Despite spending several months trying to reach an amicable private solution that would have addressed shareholder concerns, Sina’s Board of Directors and senior management have left Aristeia with no alternative other than to seek constructive change by nominating two highly-qualified independent candidates for election at the Company’s 2017 Annual Meeting.